About us 


HouseMaster.house is a online platform, aimed at minimizing the complications that arise in almost all real estate transactions. 

HouseMaster seeks to remove the stress clients go through in looking for properties that fits their budget.

HouseMaster provides modern and innovative tools to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers


Our Values & Guiding Principles

Integrity    Honesty    Respect    Customer Service Excellence     Teamwork    Responsiveness    Stewardship


Our Team


Joel Edem Ametepeh
C.E.O, C.T.O

Joel Ametepeh is an innovator, the co founder and tech leader for House Master Limited. He provides the essential tech infrastructure for agents and property owners to reach larger prospects. Joel holds a bachelors degree in Behavior genetics and neurobiology from the university of Toronto and doubles as a graphic designer, programmer of mobile/desktop apps and a web developer. He begun his career in web developing in 2016 when he worked retail at a suit store and decided to learn programing to help operations. Joel has since developed numerous websites including House Master.House. inspired by his love for speading knowledge on science technology and the arts, he Looks forward to starting his personal online talk show this year. In His free time, if he is not working on researching and experimenting with new and upcoming  technologies or providing consultancy services. Joel enjoys watching movies and listening to music.

Stephen Asare
C.E.O, C.F.O

Stephen A. Asare is the co founder and Head of Business development and Client relations, of House Master Limited, Ghana’s fastest growing real estate market place and  brokerage platform. As a professional real estate broker, Stephen oversees all real estate related activities of the company. Prior to starting House Master, Stephen was an estate assistant at TDC Development Company Ltd and further became a sales representative for Silver Valley Estate where he closed numerous deals. Stephen holds a bachelors degree in Real Estate Development and is a trainee at the Ghana Institute of surveyors. When he is not assisting real estate clients or studying real estate market trends, Stephen enjoy spending time with family and watching movies.