Affordable 2 Bedroom House For Sale In Lakeside Estate


* Spacious 2 bedroom en-suite * Guest washroom * Well fitted kitchen * Wardrobes in both rooms * Spacious compound * Good access road

Property Type: Residential

Building Style: Detached

Number of Floors: 1

Furnished: No

Number of Bedrooms: 2

Number of Bathrooms: 3

Parking or Garage: Yes

Number of Parking Spots: 2

Property Dimensions:

Total Area: 3,500.00 m2

Width: 35.00 m

Length: 100.00 m

Location: East Legon Hills

Address: Lakeside Estate


Sale Price: ¢490,000.00

Commission: None

Move in date: Available

Date Posted: 18th May, 2023

Reference Number: 18052023135449

views: 206


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